Wednesday, 12 June 2013

New kid on the blog

Please welcome Nicandro Porcelli to the Catholic blogosphere.

I do not know Nicandro other than, I believe, he hails from the Cardiff area (?) - it may not sound like a Welsh name, but, after all, Wales is populated by a mix of Italians and Irish with a few Anglos down in the far West....that comment should bring me a heavy penance next time I go to Fr J for the Sacrament of Confession!

His blog is called Contemptus Vanitatum Mundi and its meaning should be clear even to the Latin challenged among you (not many of those, I suspect).

And the other good bit of news is that (again I'm guessing), Nicandro is a young man, well, on the right side of forty....(I hope).

Please pay him a visit or, better still, place him on your blogroll.

1 comment:

  1. Richard,thanks. Google has me as >70 yo. LOL! 40? Vanity of vanities... Thanks again :) May all that Anglo-Welsh angst be absolved where you are in`Little England beyond Wales'!
    I take no part in this thousand year struggle. Land of my Fathers is Italia and we come in peace with fish and chips and ice cream. Note- SS Arandora Star Memorial Mass at St David's Cathedral Cardiff on the 30th June 2013. Please all pray for persecuted immigrants the world over.