Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Still got a hankering for martyrdom? This is what you do.....

.....according to Bl Adrian Fortescue's 'Martyr's maxims'

.....continued from yesterday:

17. Be not partial for favour, lucre or malice, but according to truth, equity,
      justice and reason.

18. Be pitiful to poor folk and help them to thy power, for then thou shalt
      greatly please God.

19. Give fair language to all persons, and especially to the poor and needy.

20. Also be diligent in giving of alms.

21. In prosperity be meek of heart, and in adversity patient.

22. And pray continuously to God that you may do what is His pleasure.

23. Also apply diligently the co-operation of the Holy Ghost whatever thou
      hast therein to do.

24. Pray for perseverance.

25. Continue in dread, and ever have God before thine eyes.

26. Renew every day the good purpose.

27. What thou hast to do, do it diligently.

28. 'Stablish thyself always in well-doing.

29. If by chance you fall into sin, despair not.

And if you keep these precepts, the Holy Ghost will strengthen thee in all other things necessary, and thus doing you shall be with Christ in Heaven, to whom be glory, laud, honour, and praise everlasting.

Blessed Adrian was beheaded for his faith on Tower Hill on July 8th 1539.

He abided by his maxims even unto death......Ora pro nobis!

Oh, this is the other thing you'll need if you
want to go for martyrdom - the block from
the Tower of London


  1. Failed on most counts, I'm afraid. It highlights with horrible clarity how often I let down our blessed martyrs and how quickly I would cave in under duress.

  2. I enjoyed reading this post...Thought provoking.