Tuesday, 13 September 2011

How good to be sad........

....after Left Footer's 'How nice to be nice'......(a long way after)

How good to be sad
When the world is so bad
And to act every way as a Christian
To follow the Cross
And despise life’s dross
And be regarded with suspicion


  1. Don't be so modest, Richard:) It's not doggerel or a pale imitation, but excellent. If it falls short of mine, it does so only in bitterness and nastiness, which you never display, and I do too often.

    God bless!

  2. How good to be the winners
    In the battle fought for sinners
    To be given secure hope
    like a mountain climber's rope
    that stop's him from falling
    when the world starts calling

    (or in the mountaineers case, he looks down and the ground starts spinning, and he gets dizzy and let's go. You get my drift anyway)!