Thursday, 15 September 2011

In brief.....random notes

The Diocese of Menevia has a new website, very nice...but designed by Blackgoat Visual Communications.....what's in a name?

A new (and young blogger) who needs support....please visit Sean Gough - we need young blood!

Tomorrow we return to abstinence from meat on Fridays...not fasting, abstinence!

At the first Mass in the new translation a certain priest asked for letters from his parishioners stating how dissatisfied they were with it...for sending on to his Bishop

The ads for the post of Headteacher at the Cardinal Vaughan School appear this week, pray that a good, sound, traditionalist is appointed

No EF Masses in Menevia Diocese for the remainder of September (we've only had one anyway)

Daily Telegraph blogger  and teacher, Katherine Birbalsingh, claims that wearing the niqab cuts women off from the world

Orbis Catholicus Secundus blog has carried a series of photos of the Popes who have celebrated the EF Mass. They include, Pius XII, John XXIII and JP II - when will Pope Benedict join the gallery?

Holy Father preaches to Bishops - to observe the sanctity of life and to cherish, in the faithful 'divine filiation'


  1. Still praying every day that Pope Benedict XVI will join that gallery!

  2. well i am also hopeful that Pope Benedict XVI will join gallery so soon best best wishing
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