Sunday, 4 September 2011

Could this be the defibrillator that Britain needs?

World Youth Day, Madrid appears to have been an overwhelming success but so was Australia last year and so will be Brazil in 2012, I am sure.

Spain has been languishing in a horrid form of part time Catholicism, pick it up when it suits you but put it down when you want to sin. Aaargh! The sin word but, believe me friends (as they say on the evangelical broadcasts), Spain has been on a downward spiral for many years.

Not so many years ago the Spanish Government actually appointed a Catholic woman, Pilar Salarruliana to head up a parliamentary commission to counteract the phenomenal growth in occult practices that were seen as a threat to the stability of the social and religious framework. I am not sure if this post still exists but in the mid 90s the Spanish Government was forecasting over a million  followers of 'dark cults' by the year 2000. Then they had over 6oo sects including groups such as The Pyramid of Seth and The Black Hand.
The Commission uncovered (among many other scandalous episodes), communities of nuns who worshipped Satan, groups of witches indulging in animal sacrifices and a host more demonic influences goings on.

World Youth Day must have hit hard at such practices and, hopefully, will be a wake-up call for the Spanish people, so why not a WYD for Great Britain?

In the wake of the riots and the growth of secularism and materialism and disobedience in Austria, this must surely be the electric shock that the nation needs to bring it closer to Christ.
The indomitable William Oddie of The Catholic Herald thought that this was a runner in his 2010 article below:-

And Catholic Gadfly (he who posts on what abouts? such as 'what about' having a procession/presentation of scapulars at Mass/Crowning of Our Lady etc). Also believes that a WYD GB is needed. All good 'what abouts' by the way.

So, what about it?  A World Youth Day Great Britain.......  

.....Who is the one to kick the ball into play? Archbishop Nichols? Archbishop Mennini? Wayne Rooney? Paul Smeaton? Joseph Shaw?....A.N. Other?

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  1. Brian Sudlow has written very well on the WYD phenomenon here. Bringing it to Britain won't change the underlying situation.