Monday, 19 September 2011

'The Bishops' work'

There are a lot of souls awaiting salvation in England and Wales

The following is a page taken from the website of 'Welcome to the Catholic Church of England and Wales'. It is a description of all that the Bishops of England and Wales are called to do. says nothing about saving souls. Am I missing something?

"The values of the Gospel – peace, love, truth, justice, charity – are unchanging, eternal truths. Yet the world is changing constantly. The Church therefore has a prophetic calling to read these ‘signs of the times’ and interpret them in the light of the Gospel.

The Church is called to reflect on the interface between Christianity and society. Do our schools, hospitals and prisons reflect the depth of Christ’s love for humanity? Do our laws protect and cherish all humans, rich or poor, sick or well, as made in the image and likeness of God?

In England and Wales, our work includes promoting marriage and family life, work in the education and healthcare sectors, environmental concerns, supporting the priesthood and religious life, dialogue with Christian Churches and members of different faith communities and much more.
Internationally, the Church works and collaborates with people and organisations in many countries around the world. The breadth of the Church's work takes in aid and development, global justice and peace, support and solidarity with the Church overseas and missionary work to highlight but a small cross-section".


  1. The bishops work. Do they? Really?
    Reads more like a social workers' mission statement to me.

  2. The thrombosis of political correctness.

  3. It is not unlike the statement of priorities issued by their Lordships to coincide with the anniversary of the Holy Father's visit: an awful lot about this world, not much about the next.