Tuesday, 27 September 2011

New design preview for the Union Jack

The new Union Jack - no cross, see?
Now, as any schoolboy or girl knows, the Union Flag (to give it the correct handle) is a design comprising the crosses of St George, St Andrew and St Patrick (tough luck St David and Wales, you have been ignored).

Take those crosses away and you are left with the white flag of surrender. But who would wish for those crosses to be removed from our beloved flag?

Well, we only have to look at that bastion of neutrality and dodgy banking practices, Switzerland, to see what could, just could happen here.

You see the role of the Swiss (Oh, I really am so very sorry) over the past few years or more has been one of benificence, especially towards Muslims wishing to settle in that beautiful country, home of cuckoo clocks and alpen.
They have allowed Muslims from Eastern Europe and Turkey to settle in their country and now, quite naturally, those nouveau Suisse want to place their mark on their adopted home.
In brief they want the Swiss Government to remove the white cross from their red flag because, as any fool knows, the cross is just such an awful, debasing, Christian symbol in today's world.

Ah, you say, but that is in Switzerland, a foreign country where they speak a different language and yodel instead of using cell phones - it could never happen in dear old Blighty.

Well, when they have the call to prayer echoing around the dreaming spires of dear old Oxford City and open recruitment to join jihad on the streets of London, anything can happen.

And where, if we removed our crosses would it leave us?
With a white flag, of course - how very appropriate!

Who would be pleased at such a move?
Well, yes, of course, the Muslim community, or some of them, might fire off a few Kalashnikovs down Finsbury Park way but the real winners would be the Welsh nation!
We have discriminated  against our Welsh cousins for far too long so, perhaps the new Union Flag would look something like this.....?

Yes, dear Cambrian friends, I do know that
the real Welsh flag also has a cross on it!

H/T http://www.hudson-ny.org/2449/immigrants-swiss-flag-cross


  1. Thank goodness we don't have to worry about that with Old Glory ... I think ....

  2. I am not sure that the red cross had anything to do with St George originally. I could be wrong but I was under the impression that although the dragon is traditionally associated with Wales,the current flag of the red dragon on the green and white ground was only adopted in the mid twentieth century.

  3. Patricius - the 'dragon' flag crept in in 1953. the real Welsh flag is a yellow cross on a black ground.