Monday, 12 September 2011

So tell me Bishop, what part of "Kneel to receive the Eucharist" don't you understand?

The Holy Father has demonstrated his desire for all who are able, to kneel and for all, (without exception) to receive the Holy Eucharist direct by mouth.
This has been the practice at St Peter's and at Masses celebrated by Pope Benedict wherever he is in the world.

Yet we still have Archbishops, Bishops and priests failing to comply. It is not the sort of instruction that needs putting in writing...the model is there for all to see! Why don't they instruct their priests and get on and do it?

Now, the Holy Father has gone a step further. He has actually said that this is the correct way to receive the host,  the Body and Blood of Christ.

Here are his very words.....

Just do it - please!

"He who is able to kneel before the Eucharist, who receives the Lord's body cannot fail to be attentive, in the ordinary course of the days, to situations unworthy of man, and is able to bend down personally to attend to need, is able to break his bread with the hungry, share water with the thirsty, clothe the naked,
visit the sick and imprisoned," he continued....

Thanks and biretta tip to Fr Simon Henry for the post (here)


  1. Nice blog Father Simon Henry has there, I will add him to my blogroll. As you know this is a source of great frustration for me, having to make a spectacle on the floor of the church if I want to kneel (except, of course, at the TLM). Maybe I just haven't hounded my pastor enough about this.

  2. The next step is to get rid of the so-not-21st century bishops' paraphernalia. Out go the mitre, crozier, gloves, ring, throne. Out go the processional pomp and obsequiousness. I am sure the bishops do not want us to humble ourselves in their presence, so a slap on the back and a "Good on yer, mate" should suffice. We are all equal and adult now.

  3. They just don't listen. They are so intent on doing what THEY want to do. It's obviously not any better here in the US.