Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Pig Catholic or Chicken Catholic?

Some time ago way back in the mists of the 1980s, Management Training programmes used to adopt the pig or chicken approach to one's career with whatever chosed company one wished to work for.

"Are you a Pig or are you a Chicken" the trainer/interviewer would say provocatively and then wait while any Muslim or Jewish trainees/applicants recovered from their faint.

Chicken Catholic?
The same analogy could well be applied to Catholics today. "are you a Pig or are you a Chicken?"

You see both of these animals make a contribution to the great British breakfast, the chicken provides the eggs and the pig the bacon. Still with me? Good.

Now comes the dodgy bit. The Chicken, you see, has an 'interest' in making her contribution.......but only the pig is 'committed!'

So which are you?


  1. Is this about...sorry, couldn't resist...saving one's bacon?

  2. I think I'm a mushroom Catholic, if you must know!

    No breakfast is complete without them....