Friday, 9 September 2011

Guild of Bloggers to restrict attendance at meeting

Draconian and swingeing indeed are the restrictions placed on those wishing to attend the Guild of Blessed Titus Brandsma meeting due to take place at Our Lady of the Rosary, Blackfen, on October 1st.

Here is an insight into the 'black' list....
"....the Guild reserves the right to refuse admission to any individual or group.......

....Admissions will be made only on the following grounds":-

1. Must be either male or female

2. Age  restrictions from 18 months to 100 plus (although exceptions may be
    made at the Guild's discretion)

3. Entrance is restricted to Catholics, those under instruction, those  
    considering the Catholic faith and those not considering the Catholic faith.

4. Only Catholics of a liberal/conservative/labour/fundamentalist/right
    wing/left wing/modernist/evangelical/orthodox/charismatic/pre 1970/post
    1970/Pius X/All other Piuses/cat loving/cat hating persuasion admitted

5. Anyone seeking admittance with a right trouser leg rolled up or left breast
    bared or with a brick in a trouser pocket will be refused entry

6. All delegates must be bloggers, read blogs or have a vague interest
    in blogs of a broad Catholic nature

7. Entry will be granted only to those who can say "The Hermeneutic of
    Continuity" (backwards).
    Those failing in this task may still be granted entry
    on the proviso of buying the first round of drinks for all assembled


  1. "or with a brick in a trouser pocket"

    Is that a euphamism for an old phone?

  2. JamesP - reference to Roberto Calvi who was known as 'God's banker' and freemasonry. Found dead hanging under Blackfriars Bridge with bricks in his pocket, apparently significant in freemason terms.

    " On 10 June 1982, Calvi went missing from his Rome apartment, having fled the country on a false passport in the name of Gian Roberto Calvini. He had shaved off his moustache and fled initially to Venice, and from there he apparently hired a private plane to London. At 7:30 AM on Friday 18 June 1982 a postman found his body hanging from scaffolding beneath Blackfriars Bridge in the financial district of London. Calvi's clothing was stuffed with bricks, and he was carrying around $15,000 worth of cash in three different currencies."[4]

    Ex Wikipedia

  3. JamesP - should read: "and a follower of freemasonry"

  4. Hahahahahaha! Actually, that's the best invite I've seen for any event in a long time! A bit like the parable about the wedding when all the invited guests failed to show and all the undesirables got invited instead.

    I'd like to see the way you offer the sign of peace to a female 'bishop' mind! ;)