Sunday, 10 March 2013

Tuesday's child is full of Grace

Who is the Cardinal that most Catholic bloggers would like to see elected to the Chair of Peter?

Who is the man most likely to continue the Benedictine reforms and to bring about a reconciliation with the SSPX?

Who has celebrated Mass in the Extraordinary Form and believes that it leads us to higher levels of spirituality?

Cardinal Raymond L Burke, of course.

Pray and post that this holy man will be our next Holy Father


  1. I am praying for either Cardinal Burke or Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith. I pray the cardinals at the conclave put aside their own desires and listen to the Holy Spirit for the good of the Church.

  2. In the run up to the 2005 conclave I was sure of one thing: one Cardinal Ratzinger would never be elected Pope!

    This time I am also ‘sure’ of one thing: one Cardinal Leo Raymond Burke will not be elected Pope!

    I was wrong in 2005. I would be very happy to be wrong again in 2013…!

  3. Cardinal Burke has the holiness, understanding and courage for the task.

  4. Much as I would love to see Cardinal Burke as the next Pope, his chances are slim at best, based on the following:

    1. Even some American cardinals would probably not vote for him. He showed them up with his stance on refusing Holy Communion to American Catholic politicians who support abortion. Even as Archbishop of Milwaukee, Dolan was dismissive of him some years back while Burke was still Bishop of LaCrosse, Wisconsin.
    2. He has been in the Vatican for a few years, but not part of the ‘entrenched interests” (read: mostly Italian), so unlikely to get many Curial votes.
    3. His commitment to the EF marks him a as dyed-in-the-wool conservative. Other Cardinals with his public conviction are rather few in number.

    But on the plus side…

    1. He has been in the Vatican for a few years and knows the lay of the land.
    2. He has faced down (and won over) entrenched interests while Ab of St. Louis, firmly resolving a longstanding problem that his three predecessors failed to address.
    3. A Canon lawyer, he believes Canon Law has not been enforced effectively since Vat II. He would correct that.
    4. He does like the accoutrements of office – and might even bring back the Tiara. Though that might be considered a negative in some circles…

    Finally, a Leo XIV has a nice ring to it…