Wednesday, 6 March 2013

What would Judas have said?

I mean, what if, in the aftermath of Our Blessed Lord's death on the cross, Judas had rejoined the band of apostles instead of committing that despairing act of ultimate self indulgence.

What would he have said to Peter, John and James, Andrew and the others?

Might he have said some of the following?

"His thinkings were disordered and lacking distinction"

"Now is the time for a new direction in the Faith, we need to re-assess our view on divorce and the just war theory"

“The Church now needs to de-centralise, He was not strong in this respect”

“We need to radically reform and put our house in order”

"He was a good theologian but He just couldn't pull it together"


  1. and all without the help of John Humphries..........

  2. if the spirit of vatican 2 gives the church a new dimension in ecumenical activities, i believe it is from the Holy Spirit.

    Because as part of it in 1984, Pope John Paul II and the Syrian Patriarch even authorized their faithful to receive the sacraments of penance, Eucharist and anointing of the sick in the other church when access to one of their own priests was morally or materially impossible.

    I thank God for that beautiful decision which gives me the grace to see Jesus in the Holy Eucharist with my naked eyes.

    Bl.Pope JP2 pray for us
    i am a poor soul from Syriac orthodox church, you guys foresee this soul years before.