Friday, 15 March 2013

Spain legislates against abortion

Great new....wonderful news, unbelievable that a European country could turn against the destruction of life in the womb and introduce legislation making it a criminal offence to terminate a pregnancy.....

Except that.....hang on to your castanets....'s not human life we are talking about.

Well, you couldn't abort this little fellow - he's so cute

It's ape life - yes, really.

It appears that the Spanish Government has introduced laws aimed at protecting the life of unborn ape babies (apelets?).

Of course, how sensible. Why not?

In 2011 some 113,00 human abortions were carried out in Spain.

That's OK, we have to keep a sense of perspective, at least unborn apes will be protected.

You may read the full story here

H/T to Momangelica


  1. David Rottenborough will be most displeased, and I shall celebrate by barbecuing a crocodile next Friday (fish, I think).

    I watched the video on You Tube and the comments seemed strangely uncomprehending. God bless!


  2. Chris, ashamed to say that you almost had me Googling 'David Rottenborough' - mind in rapid freefall. God bless.