Sunday, 17 March 2013

Calm down dear, it's not even a crisis

There is so much misinformation floating around at present it is beginning to play on my nerves causing me to make simple typo eeorrers.

Pope Francis has barely got his knees under the desk and already we have a barrage of conflicting information about his past.

I don't know which direction he will lead the Church in but, for heaven's sake, let's cut him some slack and allow him to get on with the job.

After the news of Pope Benedict's resignation the Catholic world got a touch of the willies clean forgetting that, whilst Christ might be sleeping, He is still present and in charge of the ship.

Now, we have rumour and counter rumour as to the future.

It brings a childhood hymn  to mind -

That says it all really.


  1. I am heartened by Fr. Z's post where he says that Pope Francis is associated with an organisation called Comunione e Liberazione (link to post below). From what I can glean from the post, Pope Benedict would definitely approve (and they even use his words).

    His address today seems promising and so do the ten quotes that have been released.

    As Joseph Shaw says, no popes are perfect, but so far, so good. Some are even saying that this may be the beginning of the purification of the Church (which was Benedict's prophesy).

  2. To paraphrase Evelyn Waugh, I would never presume to advise The Holy Spirit in His choice of ministers.

    1. Perhaps I will be smacked on the head for writing this, but please recall the simple fact that the Holy Ghost does not "choose" the Pope. The Cardinal electors do that. The Holy Ghost showers them with graces during the Conclave, but there is no guarantee that the Cardinals will correspond with those graces.

      We do have twenty centuries of Church history that will show us that it is fallible men who elect the Popes.

    2. Exactly right, schmenz. I too am getting a little tired of that phrase, "well, after all, that's who the Holy Ghost wanted". Please.

      That said, I am also dismayed at the vitriol being thrown around the internet about the new Holy Father. Please, calm down. Wait and see.

  3. Well said Richard, a nice positive post

  4. Thank you, Richard. It is so good to read something positive, when the Pope is attracting so much flak from people who, I assumed, were loyal Catholics.

    For some reason I have a crazy idea that the poor (in spirit or in worldly goods) are God's friends. God bless!

  5. I am deeply saddened to see the Pope not genuflecting before the Blessed Sacrament, and other breaks from tradition. And did he say "for all" instead of "for many"? Many sincere, faithful, knowledgeable Catholics are disturbed by the liturgical and other novelties. Such persons are more faithful to the Deposit of Faith, including the papacy than anyone. Blessed Michael, protect us.

  6. Because of my age (and I'm younger than the Pope) and generalized creakiness, I usually make a reverent Benedictine bow to the Sacrament. The Pope is, after all, 76; he gets a pass from calisthenics.

  7. Pope Benedict was a lot less physically able than Pope Francis but he genuflected.