Sunday, 31 March 2013

Liebster Part Two

Having failed to fully complete the requirements of my Liebster Award I hope to bring matters up to date with the set of questions posed by Ches of
The Sensible Bond.

Here they are:-

What inspired the title of your blog?

I was looking for a title that embraced meaning as well as being memorable. When I stumbled across Linen on the Hedgerow (a reference to the signal used in Ireland, in times of persecution of the Faith, to indicate that Mass would be celebrated at the house that hung its washing on the hedges to dry) I knew that I had found one that fitted my needs like a glove.

Why should people read your blog?

They shouldn't. They should avoid reading it at all costs (it's very bad for one's charismatic side)

What is your personal favourite post on your blog?

The man in the Vatican who never sleeps (but I don't really know why)

What has been the most popular (most viewed) post on your blog?

The one that I wrote concerning the devil, you may see it HERE. Apparently anything featuring the devil, mantillas, Ed Stourton or reception kneeling and by mouth receives great attention.

Which post on your blog has attracted most comments?

Really not sure. But this blog is blest with some very kind and charitable commentators - I value those contacts immensely.

What other hobbies or interests (beyond blogging) are you prepared to admit to?

My family, fishing, any country pursuits and Japanese food.

What are your hopes for the new pontificate?

That Pope Francis will celebrate the EF Mass in public; and that he will give most of the bishops of England and Wales a good spiritual kicking.

Where is your favourite place of pilgrimage, and why?

Lourdes is my favourite although, in May we plan to go to Fatima. Of course, being in Wales, I have a great affinity with the National Shrine of Our Lady of Cardigan but the diocese refuses to give our Mother a decent shrine so she has to make do with a 1970s hotel lobby. I love Lourdes because I feel truly at home there.

Who is your favourite spiritual author, and why?

Is Tolkien allowed? Pity. I think that it would then have to be Archbishop Fulton Sheen who should be canonised as a priority.

Which of these questions did you find it most difficult to answer?

Why should people read my blog? I can't really answer it sensibly.

Are you now, or have you ever been, a member of the Communist Party?

That is a most personal question and I refuse to answer it Comrade Ches.


  1. Good stuff, bruv. Pussonally I reads your blogg as it is spiritaully nuorishin.

  2. I agree
    I think Tolkien is allowed as being spiritual- look at the Return of the King,if that is reference to that Great Day when Christ returns and banishes death, the devil and all illness.
    I have just discovered two American writers of Catholic persuasion-Walker Percy and Mary Flaherty O'Connor.
    happy Easter

  3. Well...Richard I can finally ask since you mentioned "washin' on the hedge" here. Did you ask Eccles to stop listing your blog as "Washin' On The Hedge" ? I always liked it, and miss it. Hiya Ecc.


  4. Anon @ 6.05am - no, I did not ask Bro E to change it. I rather liked it also but Bro Eccles thinks that my blog is too highbrow for such frivolity (I wouldn't mind him changing it back, though).

  5. Yea Richard! I did consider the highbrow thing. If that is it then in Ecc's book you're right up there with the Pop... Oh just up there with the Up-Theres.