Saturday, 9 March 2013

It's a ridiculous way to elect a new leader....'s archaic, bizarre, medieval even.

The whole election process takes months and months. It costs hundreds of millions of dollars.

I mean, two main parties, touring round the USA state by state.

Electioneering they call it.

Television commercials, receptions, banquets, fundraising gigs - you name it, America does it.

And then the individual states all vote; Democrat or Republican - it takes forever and a day.

The candidates for the post of President are run ragged by this stage.

They are shaking thousands of hands in 6, 7 or 8 states every day.

It's frenetic, mad, insane.

But - eventually a new President is elected.

So unlike the Catholic Church where 115 of their leaders from countries around the world meet in Rome to hold a secret ballot.

A few days (hopefully), maybe a bit longer.

And then a new Pope. Six weeks max from start to finish. No sweat.

Of course, there is the smoke thing but, other than that it seems a remarkably sensible and sound way of electing a new leader.


  1. Who are we to complain about this all, it is tradition which our church is founded on also.

    I hope the rest of your blog is not just complaining about our church. I would like to think not. :)

  2. Anonymous! Chill out!
    This intelligent blogosphere has irony within it's blogs that brings a good humoured smile to the lips when the news around about is grim. It is a welcomed take on the Church and all Her problems which, after all, comes from most of Her servants who are supposed to be keeping Her in good order.
    The above article was not a complaint but an observation on the differing ways of electing a leader and contrasting, favourably, with the Catholic one.


  3. Thanks Momangelica, much appreciated.