Saturday, 23 March 2013

A Liebster Award - are you sure you want to read this?

My thanks go to Ches at The Sensible Bond for nominating me for a Liebster Award.

I now have a number of hoops to jump through to qualify for this honour, and the first set of hoops involves me in coming clean with eleven personal facts.

Are you sure you want to read this? Are you able to sift the fact from the fiction?

Leave a comment if you think you can identify the fictional points.

Here goes (deep breath):

Part 1

1. I am a cradle Catholic

2. I am 28 years old

3. My wife and my children are my greatest joy and I really do not deserve them

4. I like a glass of malt whisky, Paddy whiskey, red wine and Rev James bitter but not at the same time. (I also have a liking for Manhattans but now I am beginning to sound like a dypsomaniac)

5. I am a fervent admirer of Ed Stourton and Clifford Longley and read The Tablet avidly

6. Liturgical dances are a wonderful accompaniment to the Ordinary Form of Mass

7. Having voted Conservative all my life I have vowed never to give this party my support again. The same applies to Labour, Liberal Democrats and UKIP. Help!

8. For nearly 20 years I worshipped each Sunday in a chapel within our home mainly without a priest present

9. My household is dogless but, every time I see a whippet or lurcher in the street I have a strong desire to break the seventh commandment

10. Japanese food is my weakness, eaten accompanied to the strains of a Chinese Orchestra

11. My ambition is to live on the Island of Ithica but only if there is an orthodox Catholic priest also residing there, plus my family, of course


  1. Should you also add another personal fact no. 12?

    That you lie!

  2. All true except for numbers :
    2,5,6& 10

  3. EFPE - you mean that I am terminologically inexact, surely?
    Gervase, you were almost there but fell at the last post. I do like Japanese food and also Chinese orchestral music. Perverse, no?

    1. Mr. Collins,
      As the list is yours you may express it as you wish, of course. I am not a politician in Parliament where one may lie as much as one wishes provided one lies using the correct (accepted) language.

      However, in view of Gervase's comment above perhaps your no. 12 should read "I only half lie" *the worst kind of lie.... or "I only lie sometimes!"

      Personally I prefer to call a spade a shovel. Is that a lie? Or am I being terminologically inexact?

  4. Good one EF Pastoremiritus "calling a spade a shovel".

    once you have finished here could you pop over to GLOSSES FROM AN OLD MANSE- the blogger is a Lutheran pastor who always takes shots at the Church

  5. If I get to vote I'll definitely vote for you Richard. Is that true ? Check Yes, No, or, You Must Be Crazy. It's a tough one, only being allowed to vote for one saved pusson instead of two. I was gonna say I'll pray about it, but I don't think I better do that. I guess I'll just do eenie meenie. Oh I guess I better check with Paddy Power too... Loves me Loves me not..