Monday, 18 March 2013

"Just one Mozzetta"


Just one Mozzetta,
wear it for me,
beautiful symbol of Popery, (?)
Gold, red, white or cream
wear one Mozzetta
You'll look a dream.

Apologies to Wall's Ice Cream (and Giovanni Capurro) and, for some interesting news, read An Honour and a Responsibility's take on things.


  1. Thank you for the link, Richard - much appreciated!

  2. It appears as if the mozzetta may be back! One was rush ordered today:

  3. Good to hear it will be back...I hope he brings back more disregarded elements and explains their role in the Ceremonies of the Rite. This is the kind of things that children love. They are captivated by sight, which is what may draw their interest initially and then as they grow, they grow into the words and life of the Church.

  4. Santos Luzardo, You are right.

  5. I am happy for the rush-delivery Mozzetta but can't help being reminded that 'one Mozzetta does not a summer make' .

    1. i find it very sad that you feel the mozzetta was so very important in 2013 pope francis has so many more important things to deal with we all need to take a hard look at ourselves .

    2. It's the theology which the Mozzetta symbolises that matters. It's not just to keep the shoulders warm.

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