Saturday, 16 March 2013

Pray hard in Cardiff today

Trying for a conversion in St Mary's street

If you are travelling to Cardiff for the big game, England vs Wales at the Millenium Stadium, don't forget to pray - at the abortuary in St Mary's Street (106-107) where you will find a few stout souls supporting the right to life, the rights of the unborn child, the rights of women who should receive a complete counselling with regard to abortion and its horrendous after effects - if you are walking down St Mary's Street, stop for a few minutes to pray with those keeping watch.

After all, what sort of person could possibly object to prayers being offered on their behalf?

Remember, the 40 Days Vigil is not just about the child and the mother figure, we pray also for those engaged in the abortion industry, the medicos and nurses, administrators and caretakers and, of course, those largely overlooked figures, the fathers.

And, as five o'clock approaches, please spare another prayer for victory on the rugby field.

Is it licit to pray for the victory of one team over another?

I think so, although the Christ in the Don Camillo series always states that He is for all men.

My friend Gareth, from Catholic and Welsh will be praying for a Welsh victory whilst I (as a Sais) shall be praying for the most perfect outcome......

Wales to win............. 6 points. Heh, heh!


  1. Ha ha! I was zinged. And I love it!!!!! ;) CYMRU AM BYTH!

    The Life HQ used to be just off St Mary's STreet in the 80s.

  2. As you know I'm very far from Cardiff, but I did pray very hard nonetheless today for pro-life efforts there. And put in a word for your team as well.
    God bless