Friday, 22 June 2012

Queen to 'Shake hands with the devil'

Breaking news, it has just been announced that HM Queen Elizabeth II will meet Martin McGuinness, Deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland, on her forthcoming tour of Northern Ireland and, more than that, she will shake hands with the man.

Repugnant as it may appear, such events inevitably provoke the phrase "What would Christ do?" and, I am certain that Our Blessed Lord, would shake McGuinness's hand but also tell him: "Go and sin no more".

Sadly, the anniversary of Captain Robert Nairac, a young British officer and a Catholic, foully and brutally murdered by IRA thugs,has just passed and still no member of the IRA will inform the Nairac family as to the whereabouts of Robert's body.

The tragic Nairac affair is told HERE and, of course, his murder took place on Martin McGuinness's watch.

It is a good thing to forgive events of the past and I grudgingly agree that it is good for him to meet Queen Elizabeth but, if McGuinness could now bring some pressure to bear on those who know......then that would truly be a cause for forgiveness and a resolution to the Troubles.


  1. At her time of life, could she not have been spared such a task?

  2. Sixupman - I agree, I wonder if she was consulted on this issue?

  3. The fact that Captain Nairac was a Catholic just goes to show that the Northern Irish conflict has taken on a life of its own, apart from religion. May God have mercy on his soul.

    I'm afraid modern politicians have utterly lost their back-bone. Political correctness is sapping the strength of nations. I doubt the Queen has much choice in this. But I absolutely agree with your point, Richard.

  4. As a practicing Catholic and an Irish man I take offense at your colonial attitudes to our Deputy First Minister, but for him and likes of him we would still be at war and as we all know the British armed forces have plenty of Catholic blood on their hands. If you want to be racist ie anti Irish that is your perogative .

  5. Newry Liam - you gloss over the awful murder of Captain Nairac, you accuse me of racism yet I have a large drop of Irish blood in me. You are obviously not a Catholic and you quite blatantly like to offer up your distorted version of recent Irish history. As you say, my views are my perogative (sic).

    1. All murders were pointless,the poor captain was one of many ,include there in, many Catholics who were tortured and murdered by the British goverment who also colluded with the loyalist paramilitaries, Also remember the victims of the IRA and the other paramilitaries I suggest you brush up on your recent Irish history or else take off your English rose tinted glasses. As for being not Catholic get off your high horse mate and dont judge people by your own so called standards, if your Catholiciism is the only one I am glad not to be associated with it but with that of the Church of Rome. Is mise le meas

  6. Newry Liam - I think your friends in the IRA murdered more Catholics than any other faction. Of course I judge others by my standards - how else should one make an honest assessment?
    Is it licit to bomb and maim just because you have a different political perspective from your fellow countrymen? In your book the answer must be "yes".

  7. Maybe so and they are no friends of mine, but do not forget the state sponsored murders here, or the dirty tricks like the Army handing out condoms to the Catholic youth in Belfast,the goverment being directly involved with the bombings in Dublin and Monaghan, or Bloody Sunday.Stick to commentating on religion and not on the political situation in Ireland about which you have no idea!

  8. Newry Liam - thank you for your advice. I shall pray for you at Holy Mass today.

  9. The Queen, nominal head of the Anglican Church, is in her faith, modesty, and dignity, and in her respect for all people, far more Catholic than some of the purported Catholics she'll be visiting.

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  11. Its obvious Mack you have no concept of either faith or history, the queen is protestant, Anglican orders are not valid. Do not compare any Catholic to an Anglican!!!!!!

  12. I was speaking of her personal generosity of spirit, which some of our fellow Catholics lack. I apologize for being obscure.

  13. Unfortunately a generous personality does not constitute all ther is to being a Catholic, that is what is wrong in this day and age the wishy washy attitude of a lot of Catholics, we are different and should be proud of it

  14. Hello, Newry Liam.

    Why am I getting the feeling that your attitude is "I am Irish Catholic, and no British Catholic has the right to even bare the title"? Get over yourself! The British Catholics have a proud history and heritage, just as much as the Irish Catholics do.

    I think the author of this blog does an admirable job commenting on both religion and politics, and you have no right to rude and crude simply because you are carrying a blind grudge against the British.

    I am a Catholic, a Britophile, and I have Irish blood. I do not believe being a Catholic makes me superior to anyone. I hold no grudges against other religions or races. I admire the Queen as a dutiful Christian lady, and I admire many other non-Catholics, past and present.

    I believe the the Catholic Church contains the fullness of the faith, but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate virtue in others, or even appreciate certain parts of Protestant culture. I admittedly enjoy a number Protestant hymns, stories, traditions, etc.

    Finally, I do believe that Protestants who did the best they could with what they had and demonstrated exemplary Christian virtures will have a better judgement in the afterlife than Catholics who were snobbish and self-righteous and showed a bad example to the world.

    God Bless,
    Pearl of Tyburn