Friday, 15 June 2012

The Bishops of England and Wales prepare to welcome the SSPX


  1. Richard,
    At least H.E.Cardinal Burke is more supportive of the SSPX see: RC or TJS!



  2. That's very mischievous of you. I'm sure the bishops will be only a tad less enthusiastic in their welcome for the SSPX than they have been for the Ordinariate.

  3. aquí les transcribo lo que decía Mons. Lefebvre de quien entonces era Cardenal Ratzinger:“… aunque nos concedan un obispo, aunque nos den una cierta autonomía de los obispos, aunque nos permitan utilizar toda la liturgia de 1962, aunque nos permitan seguir con el seminario como funciona ahora… no podemos colaborar, porque trabajamos en una dirección diametralmente opuesta… Roma ha perdido la Fe… Roma ha caido en la apostasía… “

  4. Genty - yes it was rather naughty wasn't it?
    Michael - We need more like HE Cardinal Burke.

  5. Great post - though I wish you had used a better film version than the awful one you picked.

    In cinema terms, always remember: older is better. MUCH better.

  6. Genty you beat me to it!

    But, of course, the attitude of Bishops' Conferences to SSPX produces a major stumbling block to reintegration. After all, it all started-off with the Local Ordinaries reneging upon Msgr. Lefebvre's seminary faculties. Had they left well alone, I wonder what the position would now be.