Monday, 25 June 2012

A few good starts to the week

First and foremost, in this age when many are falling away from the Faith, mainly out of ignorance or laziness, here is a great post from Ascending Mount Carmel blog.

And another post right on target from James Preece at Catholic and Loving it - so you thought that reception by hand was all part of the Second Reformation did you?

To top it all off we have the Holy Father stating that we have suffered from liturgical abuses and irregularities, thanks to Cathcon - so, no more self expression on the sanctuary, hand clapping, kissing or ad libbing!

What a start to the week....can it get any better than this?


  1. And, may it please God, no more guitars.

    Mack in Texas

  2. Thank you friend for saying such kind words about my blog post...I do appreciate it, and am glad that you found it inspiring. I will be following your blog in kind!
    Most graciously in Christ,

  3. Agreed Mack. TI - you are most welcome, I've added your excellent blog to my blogroll.