Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Cameron leaves his 8 year old daughter at the pub

The redtops had a field day last week after the Cameron family returned from the pub (where, so it is said, our PM quaffed a pint or two of the Reverend James) only to find that they had left their eight year old daughter behind.

Shock! Horror! – actually, it must have been devastating, Mrs Linen and I have never done anything like that  - but not for want of trying!

So now David and Samantha (I can call them that because I vote Conservative, or used to) are being castigated and tagged as bad parents….hmmm…..I seem to recall another incident when a couple left their twelve year old son* behind by accident...............

...... and He wasn’t found for three whole days! 

*just in case there are any pedants lurking out there…..also foster son.


  1. Who will fault him? The parents who abandon their children at bad council schools?

  2. If they were a poor family social services would have been called immediately.

  3. The government's consultation on changing the definition of marriage makes no reference to children. Easily forgotten, evidently.

  4. Patricius - very apt, I wish I had included that in my post. Laurence - and the 8 year old would be in a care home by now. Thank you Mack - that could read "parents who abandon their children at most Catholic schools"