Tuesday, 26 June 2012

This is where we have all gone wrong

As Catholics we have a range of weaponry in our war chest; the Rosary, novenas, penances, pilgrimages, confession and Holy Communion, retreats and so on.

But....are they enough?

Surely we need something over and above these rather dated and old fashioned means of gaining God's good grace?

Well, I think I have found it....no, please do not thank me, I am more than happy to pass on my discovery in the certain knowledge that it will set you free - liberate your senses! Make you a whole person at ease with your inner self.

What can it be?  Essence of monkey glands? No.

Some rare concoction of exotic plants and tree bark? No.

OK then - it's not the old real ale therapy? No, of course not.

                                          I'm sticking with the Catholic white dove thanks

It is called Emotional Freedom Technique - O joy!

This is what I have been searching for, something to release my emotions other than the well known brew called The Reverend James.

EFT (if I may call it that) will not leave you with a hangover or upset stomach but it will probably, put a bit of a dent in your wallet or purse.

So - what is involved?

Well, it appears to be a mix of self hypnosis, acupressure and meditation (orange dressing gowns are optional) and (can it get any better?) it involves tapping. Yes, tapping.

Hmm....it also appears as if there are vacancies for EFT Practitioners....at least I have read online that you can get certified quite easily.
That's when the men in white coats come knocking at your door and you wake up in a room with rubber walls.

I think I'll stick with my Rosary........after all, I am a Catholic!


  1. Ooooooh! Another me-me-me technique for me-me-me-awareness because I'm so special and need to get in touch with my special me-ness! I'm going to send all my friends an enneagram about EFT!

  2. I thought you were talking about Electronic Fund Transfer.

  3. Fr Larry - the Electronic Fund Transfer is well known to my bank manager.
    You are most welcome.

  4. How about trusting Jesus with our heart, and with our mouth! Trusting Him Alone, and following where He leads, and speaking truth, His Words to a thirsty and hungry world! JESUS IS THE ANSWER...not knocking on wood! LOL :)