Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Time for a little bit of Mgr Benson

The Teresian Contemplative

She moves in tumult; round her lies
The silence of the world of grace;
The twilight of our mysteries
Shines like high noonday on her face;
Our piteous guesses dim with fears,
She touches, handles, sees and hears.

In her all longings mix and meet;
Dumb souls through her are eloquent;
She feels the world beneath her feet
Thrill in a passionate intent;
Through her our tides of feelings roll
And find their God within her soul.

Her faith the awful face of God
Brightens and blinds with utter light;
Her footsteps fall where late He trod;
She sinks in roaring voids of night;
Cries to her Lord in black despair,
And knows, yet knows not, He is there.

A willing sacrifice she takes
The burden of our fall within;
Holy she stands; while on her breaks
The lightning of the wrath of sin;
She drinks her Saviour’s cup of pain,
And, one with Jesus, thirsts again.


  1. I have heard several explanations of how all those animals were able to get into the ark. I figure if God could create the world, he could also get what animals he needed on the ark~ :) I don't understand it either.

    Have you ever heard of the Creation Museum? It isn't far from me, and is really fantastic.




    Anyways...good post~! ♥♥♥

  2. Thank you.

    -- Mack in Texas