Monday, 25 June 2012

What a real nun looks like

"What on earth is LCWR when it's at home?"

Sr John Francis RIP

No lipstick, earrings or M & S cardigan, just a wimple, habit, rosary beads and a crucifix - plus a good Irish smile...invincible!

And a supporting post from Christine at A Catholic View.


  1. This is exactly like the first nuns I remember. I also recall them adopting a more practical version of the habit around 1965 which was also ok. They still looked like religious.

  2. The picture nearly prompted another full works horror story. But, in brief, from my convent school reunion Mass yesterday. Haugen, Anne Ward, Farrell, Taizé, Inwood. The Desiderata plaque outside the chapel entrance. Should I mention the dog lying across the bottom step of the sanctuary? I'm turning into THAT Pharisee.

  3. The wonderful Sisters of Charity of St. Paul.(Selly Park nuns). They taught us so well in my home parish school and were all around Yorkshire. I think there is one still left in Leeds. Alovely habit.

  4. I agree completely. I think it's a shame that many orders don't wear habits but instead just regular clothing that does nothing to honor their calling. I hope that this becomes the norm again.

    1. the Sisters of Charity of St Paul taught me in Teddington. They were lovely sisters and well known. It's so sad that their order has shrivelled. I miss them so much.

  5. I was also taught by the Sisters of Charity of St Paul and loved them. They had a wonderful spirit and were kind, gentle women. I think of them and miss them. It's so sad this order is disappearing.