Saturday, 2 July 2011

Spiritual replenishment of another kind!

A rest from blogging today in an attempt to regenerate a few brain cells and gain some inspiration. So, together with Mrs Linen, I plan to do a few horticultural type chores and then proceed to a small fishing village on the coast that has a pub serving Reverend James Bitter. There I shall down a glass of the famous bitter and imagine that my son is with us (he is many miles away in Oz).
I am afraid that the Rev is not or was not ever a Catholic; perhaps, one day a brewery will name a beer after one of our blogging priests....."I'll have a pint of Fr Finigan please landlord" or, maybe, "Two pints of Reverend Blake and a half of Fr Simon Henry".

In the meantime, I shall have to make do with a Protestant brew!


  1. Try any Polish beer. They are all 100% Catholic :)

    Enjoy your day. My son is in Australia, too.


  2. Christopher - I'd try a pint (or litre) of Catholic Zywiec if I only knew how to pronounce it!

  3. Have one for me 2 (as I mustn't).

    Here's to inspiration!

  4. Think, as you drink, of your friend across The Pond. Enjoy!

  5. I'll raise you. Bishop's Finger is my tipple on hot days. But as it's usually a constituent of bitter shandy, it's a rather watered-down version.

  6. I think that should you drink enough of the Polish Potion you naturally are enabled to pronounce its name. LOL!

  7. RodinkasJoy - that would not be very much then :)

    Genty - I must try Bishop's Finger, it's just that I have this thing about Bishops :)

    TLW/Shadowlands - gratias as always