Sunday, 17 July 2011

Should the Church return Murdoch's donation?

Rewind to the Summer of 2010 and the Papal visit to Great Britain is looming up like an express train. So are the costs and there is a constant muttering about how the Church is going to pay for the visit.

Some souls, including the laity of Great Britain coughed up into the general fund and some very well heeled souls (soles?) made individual and handsome donations.

Rupert Murdoch was one. It is claimed that he donated £100,000 to the cause. Now the BBC thinks that it should be paid back according to the presenter of the 'Sunday' programme on Radio Four. In fact, she actually equated the Church's acceptance of Murdoch's money with the selling of might almost believe that the BBC is prejudiced against the Catholic Church! Heaven forfend such a notion.
Now I come to the support of the Bishop who was in the hotseat for this interrogation interview; none other than Bishop Kieran Conry - please make sure that you are seated at this is a rare occurence for me to support a Bishop (especially KC).

He took the view that the Church should not pay back any donation received from Murdoch and I totally agree with him. How can we possibly judge the interior of a soul who makes such a donation; if he/she is a good person, fine; if they are a 'bad' person, fine also.
There is no barrier to individual almsgiving; in fact, it is a partial means of redemption and to deny a person that opportunity would be quite wrong.
Also, as Bishop Conry said: "Well the money's been spent now"

End of argument.


  1. Even worse than the BBC taking a cheap shot at the Church is The Tablet doing the same thing. The BBC are taking their lead from Ma Pepsi and her odious companions.

    Tabula delenda est

  2. If the Church is to return the donation of every person it deems unworthy, I'll be watching the post for the return of my pittance!

    Have none of these people read the parable of the unjust steward, in which Our Lord commended the steward for his astuteness in using his master's wealth to buy friends for himself against the time when he would have no job (Luke 16:1-8)?

  3. Good point Pattif, I had overlooked that parable, so apt.

  4. Someone should nab him for another donation quick!

  5. What people consistently fail to understand is that the Catholic Church is a Church for sinners. "I have come to call sinners!" Our Lord proclaimed - and he still does. Otherwise I wouldn't be at home there...

    We are not 'saved' and virtuous, but working out our salvation in fear and trembling.

    As for Murdoch's donation, let him who is without sin cast the first stone.

  6. The BBC doesn't hesitate in demanding compulsory payments from us to maintain them.

    But they feel very generous with money not theirs.