Thursday, 21 July 2011

A new addition to my blog list

Those bloggers who feature on my blog list are all excellent; I only place blogs on the list that are good and true to the Catholic Faith.

I do not normally highlight any one particular blog but today I am making an exception. Mundabor's Blog is, in my opinion, one of the very best in terms of dry humour, traditional clarity and topicality.
So there. Please visit Mundabor...he is Italian...but not in the Berlusconi mould!


  1. I'll be happy to visit and to add this to my blogroll simply on your recommendation. How's that for trust?

  2. Many thanks, Mr. Collins. It is a honour and a pleasure to be mentioned so favourably in your blog.

    I liked that with the dry humour by the way.. ;)


  3. Where is your blogroll? I don't see it on your sidebar.

  4. Tito - not sure as to what is going seems to appear and disappear at will.
    Will try to fix it, Richard