Friday, 29 July 2011

Old but good - my version of 'Shine Jesus, shine'

For some obscure reason I found myself singing this beautiful hymn this morning and, much to my surprise then found that the excellent blogger Laodicea had posted the words. It is a great hymn that encapsulates all that we believe regarding receiving the Body of Christ at Holy Communion or worshipping Him at Benediction.

See also, Fr Z's post on Cardinal Canizares Llovera's sermon on how we should receive the Sacrament - kneeling and on the tongue!

I could only find this sung version of the hymn on Youtube, it is a little lacking in oomph and numbers and, what is more, the antics of the altar servers are most off-putting as they prepare the altar for Benediction, strolling on and off, arms by their sides and only the occasional genuflection.
But, it's still a beautiful hymn! -

O Jesus Christ remember when Thou shalt come again.......

Needs to be sung sans piano and with a bit more verve and gusto!


  1. Richard, this irony must stop. You had me worried for a moment. :)

  2. Chris - you need a large JD, it is Friday after all.