Sunday, 24 July 2011

You have ten seconds to choose between Heaven and Hell!

The clock is ticking and you HAVE to make a choice.....the right choice gets you to Heaven, the wrong one sends you to the other place.

Here are your options......get it right and you are made for (eternal life).......

Option 1.

Do you agree that Westminster Diocese was wrong to ban a Catholic lay organisation (Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice) from holding a guest speaker event on Westminster Diocesan premises?         

Option 2.

Do you agree that Westminster Diocese was wrong to allow an organisation for homosexuals (Quest) to hold a meeting on Westminster Diocesan premises?

Which option will you say "yes" to............................

I think I know.........see you all in Heaven!


  1. "Can I ask a friend?

    "Hello ... St Peter? Can you help me with these two questions please?"

  2. idk.... its a hard choice.... maybe after some thought, well nine seconds now, 8-7-6...

    God Bless

  3. Absolutely brilliant!

    I wonder whether the one who would answer "we are nuanced about these questions here in the UK" would get entry....


  4. Option 1: No
    Option 2: Yes

    Does this mean I'll be shunted off to Limbo (assuming it still exists)?

  5. Parepidemos - not Limbo but, maybe, like me, you may hope for Purgatory?

  6. at least if you make purgatory, you know that you'll make it to heaven someday...