Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Fr Twomey pulls no punches

What a relief! A Catholic priest who is unafraid of the Bishops and who is willing to speak out for the truth and the Faith.
for his account of Fr Vincent Twomey's outspokenness. Fr Twomey states that the Catholic Church in Ireland has been without leadership over the past 15 years.
 I might disagree with him on that point as I believe that there has been no leadership for over 25 years. I well recall the excommunications of the four SSPX Bishops; this happened at a time when the IRA was bombing and murdering unselectively in Northern Ireland yet many priests and community leaders took an active part (like gun running and hiding weapons) on their behalf. There were no excommunications then and no condemnations either.

Fr Twomey, author of many
 books on Pope Benedict XVI
But back to Fr Twomey,  emeritus professor of moral theology at Maynooth seminary who has also called for all Bishops appointed before 2003 to be sacked resign (even though there are, he admits, some good men among them); again, I beg to differ in one respect. Could not the Holy Father extend this invitation to resign to ALL Bishops of the United Kingdom and Ireland (with the exception of one) and make the cut off date 2010?

But who would fill their holy shoes goes up the cry?
Everyday priests just are not experienced enough in administration blah, blah.
Utter rubbish! We are endowed with some wonderful priests; some have parishes, some are bloggers, some are academics in various monastic orders and all would do a damn sight better than many of their lordships who are in place at present.

And now the cry of 'Bishop basher' will go up. Quite right. I am unashamedly a Bishop basher when my faith is saturated with those who would drag its followers down to the pit by their indifference, their inadequacy in following both Christ's teachings and the Holy Father's, their hesitation in answering questions on morality by the media and their half hearted responses. And all or almost all would go in one great sweep, the good, the bad and the other ones - a fresh start is what is needed.

So three cheers and huzzah for Father Vincent Twomey, long may he thrive! (and also may he have the opportunity to speak with the Holy Father and give him a personal briefing H/T to Jane Mossendew.


  1. Thanks Richard. Hope you've read Fr Twomey's piece from yesterday's Irish Times linked on the Oasis this morning.

    I've never been able to understand why Fr Twomey has never been made a bishop. Well of course I do know really!

    Incidentally where and when did you read the Mark Greaves piece? I follow the CH assiduously every day and hadn't spotted it before your post alerted me just now.

    God bless,

  2. Jane - it was on the CH website, I thought my link would take you straigh to it.
    God bless, R.

  3. There only two people in Ireland today, worth listening to,Colm McCarthy and Dr Vincent Twomey.

    1. Christopher McQuaid wrote the above.