Thursday, 2 January 2014

There are some elements of the FFI that are most disturbing....

*Thanks to the vagaries of Blogger, I have re-posted this piece, hopefully, in a better format.

For a start, they like to wear beards…..


…And, they also have a great devotion to Our Lady (swoon)


…from time to time, so it is said, they like to s********d! yes, that’s right, s********d! – disgusting!

           Levitating Friars, whatever next?

….and, wouldn’t you just know it…..

              Of course, they just have to pray outside abortuaries

There is little doubt that this Order is on the slippery slope…..

                ….definitely going downhill fast!

…to cap it all they apparently like to sing inflammatory chants!

                        Anyone would think that they were Catholic!


  1. You'd think, if there was anything to it, the Francophiles the world over would be sending up blimps with 'watch out for the I SAID SO!" with a few fireworks and some punch to add a little punch.

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  3. I have nominated you for a "Sunshine Award"

    You can read about it here. All my nominees run Catholic blogs.

    God bless.

  4. Oi! I nominated him first! In the previous version of this post. Oh well, that means he's certainly got one.

  5. Yes, much too Catholic - they deserve to be persecuted!!

  6. Well done, definitely way to boring to be faithfully Catholic,

  7. And then there are the 'dangerous' sisters!

  8. Richard:

    I hate to burst your bubble, but ... I'm quite sure these guys aren't FFIs.

    I think they are Franciscan Friars of the Renewal, the order started by Father Benedict Groeschel. I know the FFRs are the kind to do stunts like skateboarding and such.

    The FFRs are very faithful, but they don't have a special charism to the Extraordinary Form. They wouldn't trash it, of course, but the EF is not their primary mission.

  9. HV Observer, Yes, I think you are right, I discovered it too late. But I like to think that the FFIs might take it up.

  10. Actually Observer, all the clips are of the wonderful, multi-talented and seriously holy FFI. The skateboarders are based in Indiana, I believe but filmed out doing their stuff in downtown Chicago.

  11. Only one of the friars pictured is a friar of the renewal and the rest are FI, many of who you pictured support the Commissioner.

  12. Maryvictrix, thanks for the comment but several folk have agreed that they are FFI. No matter, I'm sure the FFI like to skateboard. God bless.

  13. "Maryvictrix" is one of the friars who complained to the Vatican against the founders and the direction of the Order; he is in the picture. He also has a blog and has been quite public. He approves of the persecution.

    1. Anon @ 12.46hrs - thank you. I would prefer to have a name or pseudonym with comments. God bless.

  14. I have questions for you: Does "supporting the commissioner" mean being in favor of suppressing the seminary and scattering the holy young men? Does it mean approving of intimidations and threats that many friars have had to sustain? Does it mean favoring the fact that only the priests of this Order are not free to offer the TLM as are all the other priests in the world? Does it mean that it is a good thing that only 3 of the former 33 places in Italy that once enjoyed the TLM are still allowed to? Does it mean that the incarceration of the founder with no charges against him is a good thing? (supernaturally it may be). Does it mean delight that many of the friars have been exiled? Does it mean joy that the third order and lay apostolates are suppressed and the Days with Mary not allowed nor the sale of holy books? Is that what 'supporting the commissioner' means? Does it mean a new FI under Maryvictrix? God forbid!