Sunday, 26 January 2014

What does hell sound like?

We have to rely on our imagination when it comes to hell.

That and the reports of the three children of Fatima who were allowed a glimpse of the inferno with the souls in torment.

It is not a good subject to dwell on, although, we should constantly remind ourselves of the consequences of mortal sin.

Back in 1990 a Finnish newspaper reported on how a group of mining engineers had, purportedly, sunk a drill hole some nine miles in depth into the core of the earth.

They struck a cavity and with the sensory equipment at their disposal, they recorded what they believe to be the screams of human souls in torment in hell.

It is a hoax.

The story has no apparent basis in fact, nor would one be duped by such a tale.

Hell is not nine miles down; it is not a place that we on earth will ever come yet.

But the recordings of the screams are worth listening to.

They are blood chilling to the extreme.

Could you imagine, just for one minute, that this recording would be played after Mass one Sunday (rather than having a display of Tango routines on the sanctuary).

It might give the congregation something to reflect on.

Because, of course, despite the fact that these sounds are unpleasant in the extreme, they cannot be one fraction as bad as the real screams of souls in agony and torment in hell.

Listen, if you are feeling brave, but have a glass of malt whisky by your side, you might need it afterwards....and Complan just will not do!


  1. Instead they play "Shine, Jesus, Shine" and "Walk in the Light". Even more terrifying.

    1. That really would is terrifying :)

    2. And Kumbaya played on a didgeridoo....can't whack it!

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  2. Replies
    1. my mother had a dream the night her father died. he was struggling and screaming for her help, a demonic voice said, 'he's mine'. she woke herself and my father up with the struggle. She did not know her father had passed away until the next morning. I still pray for his soul.

      chilling sound.

      what mortal sin really means (and Our Lord told us again and again) is simply too Real for most of us, clergy or lay.

  3. I'm convinced that Hell sounds like Schoenberg: his 'music' is utterly demonic

  4. "What does Hell sound like ?"

    Like nothing on Earth.

  5. Annie Elizabeth. I couldn't agree with you more.

    The Soviets called Jazz "the devil's music". They had forgotten about Schoenberg.

  6. I would have thought Marilyn Manson was the epitome of demonic

    1. Gervase, I can think of quite a few more that would fit that description.

    2. I remember entering an HMV music store and hearing the rap (I call it crap) music playing. I remember thinking to myself that hell must be like this.......

  7. Early one summer morning I determined that hell sounds like dirt bikes.

  8. Not a pleasant sound. Give me Palestrina any day and everyday!