Friday, 10 January 2014

Thank God I'm Catholic...can we still say that?

If it's not the Government's thought police on our tail it's the Catholic Mutaween. 

This picture, is, I find, most refreshing.

A tip of the biretta to Fr AT.


  1. and that's the end of the protestant apologetic. see how effective a clear statement with some inexpensive design can be? some should inform the Vatican and they can fire billion dollar crews of consultants.

  2. this poster should be circulated amongst our bishops, for them, it might be the catholic apologetics they can remember. its shame the pope didn't see this back in his pro-protestant bishop days.

  3. Love this.I have tried to understand that personal relationship thing.The statement above says it all.

  4. I grew up in the protestant churches. I heard the personal relationship" aspect nearly every sermon,yet i use to walk out of church thinking"there has to be more?" Yep went to my first mass then to my First EF Mass and i felt that i had truly being Blessed. As i SMS'd to Fr Tattersall at St Aloysius after experiencing the Latin Mass and before beginning RCIA -"Deo Solitaire Gloria".