Sunday, 19 January 2014

BBC sacks 400 staff members in two years

          Has anyone been awarded the Order of the Boot at the Beeb?

Sorry, sorry, sorry.......correction, please note THIS IS A CORRECTION, I was wrong, wrong, wasn't the BBC, (God bless them) it was Pope Benedict who sacked 400 paedophile priests within a two year period.

The BBC?........well, they are thinking about it.......??????

Correct versions of what took place in Rome are HERE

And, HERE......

.....and HERE

But the BBC, employer and contractor to Sir Jimmy S, and others (I must emphasize that these people are not paedophiles, no trials or judgements have been made (I think that covers me) and quite a few more......(allegedly).........have sacked sure, really.


  1. Very well put, Richard! This sort of thing needs to be proclaimed more often.

    Michael Gormally

  2. Under Pope Benedict paedophiles were forced out and the Latin Mass protected. Nowadays ...