Monday, 27 January 2014

Door closed to ACTA in Portsmouth

Cells of the ACTA (A Call to Action) group seem to be popping up everywhere; Lancaster, Birmingham, Brighton,  where next - Chipping Sodbury,  Llandewi Brefi?

This group claims (and I am sure they are right) that many of their members are ordained - that really makes their shenanigans all the more shameful.

Meetings are planned in the Westminster Archdiocese and Southwark in February but, it appears that Bishop Egan of Portsmouth, great man that he is, has said "no" to meeting with them in the foreseeable future.

A few knaves and a joker or two!
This from the September 2013 minutes of the ACTA meeting attended by Tom Woodman, Peter Birks, Derek Reeve and Claire McKenna. Well, at least four people attended, they could have had a game of bridge.

"It was suggested that all Portsmouth members should be informed that Bishop Philip Egan had found himself unable to meet with us and that they be encouraged to express disappointment to him by post...."

OK, so good English is not one of their strengths but it is heartening to see at least one of our bishops having the fibre to refuse to meet with such a hobbledehoy bunch.

I do not think that ACTA is going to move into a position of power or influence any time in the near future, but there is no room for complacency.

So what can be done?

The finest strategy instantly available to all of us is, of course to pray for them; offer up Rosaries, make penances on their behalf and, if you are a priest, perhaps say a Mass for them - but don't, whatever you do, make Church premises available to them.

A Prayer for those who challenge the doctrines of the Faith

O God, everlasting creator of all things, remember that the souls of unbelievers were made by Thee and formed in Thine own image and likeness.
Remember, that Jesus, Thy Son, endured a most bitter death for their salvation.
Permit not, I beseech Thee, O Lord, that Thy Son should be despised any longer by unbelievers,  but do Thou graciously accept the prayers of holy men and of the Church, the Spouse of Thy most holy Son, and be mindful of Thy mercy.

Forget their idolatry and unbelief and grant that they too may some day know Him Thou hast sent, the Lord Jesus Christ, who is our Life and Resurrection, by whom we have been saved and delivered, to whom be glory for endless ages. Amen.


  1. I agree completely that ACTA is not going to exert any great influence on the Church. For as long as their members are mostly moving at the speed of mobility scooters, we can keep well ahead of them. My concern is that their so-called "dialogue" is distracting everyone from simply getting on with the call to evangelism. They are a divisive voice, dissipating the Gospel message as much as they are dissing their Church.

  2. " . . . ACTA meeting attended by Tom Woodman,
    Peter Birks, Derek Reeve and Claire McKenna.
    Well, at least four people attended, they
    could have had a game of bridge."

    Four No-Trumps, then.

    1. It was a core group meeting, not a general one.

  3. When you ask for payers for ACTA I am reminded of the (surely apocryphal) story of a Pope who was asked for a blessing by an Anglican prelate; and who responded with the traditional blessing for incense: Be thou blessed of Him in Whose honour thou art to be burned…

    Of course, I will say a rosary for them, instead.

  4. "Be thou blessed of Him in Whose honour thou art to be burned…"

    Prolly acopryphal,but jolly acopalyptic all the same!

  5. 'Be thou blessed by Him .....'
    This was allegedly said by Pope Pius IX in April 1869, on the occasion of his sacerdotal jubilee - the 50th anniversary of his ordination. He received many visitors, among whom were the Anglican clergy to whom he addressed his remarks in a 'witty, courteous, and serene ' manner. (Ack. 'Pio Nono' by E.E.Y. Hales).
    Reference is also made of remarks to two Puseyites, that their master was like the Church clock which rang for Mass but didn't itself go in.

  6. We are meeting with Bishop Egan on March 6 in Portsmouth. He was saying he wished to complete his new Framework consultations first.

  7. You can bet the day will come when the BBC or other media outfits comment on Catholic issues they'll go to ACTA for a more condusive sound bite.

  8. I think it is time for you to retract this claim. We met the Bishop on March 6 2014, and he has a press release in Catholic Herald about it. I shall report to him that you are falsifying the situation if you can' t do something about your google mistake, which is a mistake about him and us.