Thursday, 24 October 2013

Dr Ian Paisley to form a new club

Breaking news!.......

In a revealing press interview, Dr Ian Paisley, Head of the Presbyterian Church in Northern Ireland, has announced that he is to form a new group comprising both Protestants and Catholics and he's calling it, wait for it.....

.........The Tyburn Club!

Founder members of The Tyburn Club marching to Marble Arch

What a great title.

Membership will be open to both Catholics and Protestants and is free if you are a member of the Orange Order, or if you happen to wear a bowler hat, white gloves and carry an umbrella.

The agenda for the new club is, according to Dr P, fairly straightforward.

It will meet on the third Friday of each month on a traffic island in Central London and will commence with a series of talks on fascinating subjects such as, "The myth of the Catholic Martyrs" and "Hanging was too good for them".

A special club anthem, entitled, "1535 - what a year" has been commissioned from the famous composer Saul Outwood with lyrics by Stephen Fry, a well known and much appreciated Catholic hater.

This post has drifted horribly close to another, far superior blog so, I shall call a halt here.

It is enough to state that those who head the Catholic Church in E & W seem intent on leading us down the road signposted 'Perdition'.

Picture: Wikimedia

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