Thursday, 17 October 2013

Proof of the Vatican II effect

More 'user friendly' than a crucifix
One of my nephews recently attended a get together of his year at his old Catholic Primary School somewhere north of Watford.

This was a real re-union of old boys and girls who had attended the school right on the cusp of the changes enforced during and after the Council, a little over forty years ago.

I hope my nephew will not mind my saying that he has drifted away from the Church but I know that the seed of faith lies within him still and I pray (as for all my relations who have fallen away) that, he will, in time return.

His observations on his experience on re-visiting the school for the first time in many years are interesting, riveting, actually.

Here is his account in his own words:-

"Last month I went to a reunion of my primary school and met people I
haven't seen for over forty years.

 I also got to look round my old school - which was quite disturbing - the contrast
is greater because, not having kids myself, I haven't been exposed to the
changes in education. 
The altar in the school hall was gone and has been replaced by a piano.

 I spotted one crucifix in the whole school (previously there was one in each classroom). 

And there were posters on the wall talking about "feeling" and "empathy". 

It didn't feel very Catholic any more.

Also, there were hardly any books in the place other than the kind of
large print children's books which I would say were for five year olds.....

........ this event was its 50th Anniversary reunion.

The posters on the wall had a list of the pupils' names in one column,
and then a series of columns with different "emotions" happy, sad,
depressed, angry etc. 

The title was something like "How do I feel today?

Implication was that each pupil had to mark how they felt each day for
everyone else to see.

When I was a pupil myself, I remember there being a large map of the
Holy Land on the wall.

Quite a shock!"

My note: Heavily edited and made anonymous as far as the school is concerned.


  1. What he has seen is the "airbrushing" of Catholicism out of existence over the past 40 years by the Modernists and their liberal allies

    As Pope St Pius X said, it is not the external enemies we have to watch but those from within "who lie hid in her heart"

  2. I visited my catholic school a few years ago. I am already part of a generation that has lapsed almost to a man. They had a poster on the wall advertising family planming services from the school nurse. They still advertise as a Catholic school despite the fact they lost their way years and years ago.