Saturday, 5 October 2013

How to provide for Muslim pupils


This link is not 'Catholic' in origin.

It is a guide issued by Ealing Council, to their primary and secondary schools, advising them how they should make provision for the 25% of their pupils who are Muslim.

It indicates two main elements to me.

Firstly, that the whole educational system is becoming unacceptably skewed in favour of Islam to the degree that, adherence to these guidelines must impinge on the education of non Muslim pupils.

Secondly, the emphasis on the needs of the male Muslim pupil to the detriment of the female is unequal and has no place in the British education system.

The link copy purports to support a daily collective act of Christian worship in all state schools (how many Catholic schools observe that, I wonder).

But, in fact, it is gobbledy-gook, a fudge of words that distorts the intention and allows for an 'anything goes' approach.

"The Education Reform Act of 1988 stipulates that each state school should provide a daily act of collective worship, the majority of which are to be "wholly or mainly of a broad Christian character." These acts of worship need not only use material from the Christian tradition as long as they reflect the tradition of their beliefs".

If you are a Catholic parent please question your children's school as to their policy regarding Islam and other non Christian faiths.

And, if they don't respond correctly, write to your Bishop and copy in the Papal Nuncio.

What is taking place is not so much 'Islam creep' as 'Islam full steam ahead'.


  1. "The direction of Mecca is THAT way. Keep walking!"

  2. The 'whole educational system!?' Richard, you need to understand the limitations of inductive reasoning!

    Ealing BC has a large Muslim community and this is a very useful aid for educational professionals. Such a post is more worthy of a UKIP or EDL blog. All it does is rouse up the rabble as we can see in the xenophobic comment already made on your blog by another commentator. I think any self respecting Nuncio would flile such letters in file B1N. Many Catholic blogs have lost their way.

  3. Yes, Brian, I do mean the whole educational system. Many Catholic schools now incorporate Muslim Prayer Rooms. I am certainly not in the EDL camp but may veer reluctantly in the UKIP direction in the future. Neither do I believe that I am being xenophobic.
    I have worked extensively in Islamic countries and I know the agenda that they are in the process of applying in the west. It is one that does not tolerate anything non Muslim and we will bear the full force of this within a very few years as the demographics show.
    I would also defend the other commenter who is far from being a xenophobe. We should be free to criticise other races, faiths and beliefs without having labels attached to us.

  4. The difference is that Islam in this country (and elsewhere) has a strategy, no doubt worked out by the Muslim Brotherhood, or some branch of it. Against this, is our secularist educational establishment, only really concerned with throttling Christianity and happy to use Islamic concerns as an excuse. And of course there is the Catholic Hierarchy, obsessed not with homosexual activities, adulterous second marriages or contraception, as the Holy Father, bizarrely seems to think, but rather with Political Correctness!

  5. OK Brian. Show me a Muslim school which goes out of its way to provide prayer facilities for Christians. I can't think of one offhand. Rather, we have the report of a Muslim school, now closed temporarily, which requires female non-Muslim teachers to dress as Muslim women, girls to sit at the back of the classroom and for boys to get their lunch first. This in the United Kingdom in 2013..
    State schools may make their own arrangements. A Catholic or CoE school should be what it says it is, ie Christian. without compromise. It's up to parents to choose whether or not their children attend. It's called freedom of choice. Frankly, if you can't see what's on the horizon I suggest you go to Specsavers.

  6. Richard,
    Once again, an excellent post on this subject! Btw Patricius I agree wholeheartedly with your comment! I personally, believe that Islam is Here and is Here to Stay! Who do you have to blame for this sorry state of spiritual and educational affairs in this country? I will tell you-quite simply:It is Not Politically Correctness and all that trite or tripe, but the capitulation of the majority of the Apostate Hierarchy of England and Wales who over the last forty odd years or so since Vat11-They are to total disgrace to the memory of the Martyrs of England and Wales who died for the preservation of our Catholic Faith especially, St. John Fisher! The sooner the better Nichols and His Likes resign; for they are not worthy to be afforded the titles of Archbishop or Bishops of our Holy mother the Church! To the Majority of Bishops of England and Wales I have only two things to say to You that You both Cowards and Weak! Yes on this Issue I am casting the first stone!

    Richard God Bless You Always-For You Have The Great Courage To Speak Out In Defense Of The Catholic Faith More so Tthan that Motley Lot!



  7. Muslim parents ought to be able to educate their children in their own Muslim schools, within the bounds of public order and morality. As for all parents. The State's manipulation and perversion of education is the problem. This can involve using Muslims as a cover to undermine Christian education.

  8. This link may be of interest: