Monday, 7 October 2013

A new Saint for the Church?

The wonderful Church of Nice (well, Poitiers actually) has launched a cause for the canonisation of one, Michael American by birth.

This prospective saint has, apparently done so much for the Catholic Faith.

He has been persecuted, beaten, pursued and made the subject of a song of ridicule.

And now, the Bishop of Poiters, His Lordship, Pascal Wintzner, has brought him fully into the church (small c) to illustrate to children, the special qualities of this santo subito character.

Who is he?

None other than Mickey Mouse. Riposte Catholiqe has the full story which moved me for the prozac!

Bishop Wintzner presents the church
with a statue of the new saint

My thanks to my friend in the Diocese of A & B for this nugget of news. I understand that Bishop C may be considering establishing a shrine to Goofy.

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