Sunday, 13 October 2013

How to deal with dissidents in the Church

The video clip below has been issued by the Bishops of England and Wales for training the laity in their dealings with, how can I put it - dodgy Catholics, those who foment dissent through hastily knocked up organisations that purport to exist to promote the Faith but, in fact, do the opposite.

We all know who these people are; they include in their ranks priests, deacons, liturgists and the like.
But they are all, apparently invisible and disappear into the woodwork at the first sign of a challenge .........


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  1. A particularly odious example of dissent - since it occurs in what purports to be a conservative magazine - is this, from one Frank Mobbs of New South Wales, who calls himself a doctor of something or other.

    Readers who can recognise the total lack of Catholicity in this diatribe are urged to write to the magazine's editor (Michael Gilchrist) at, and to ask him by what right it appears in the periodical at all.