Friday, 25 October 2013

Ten things the Devil doesn't want us to believe

Picture: Shameless Popery

It's easy to think of the things that Satan wishes us to believe about the state of Holy Mother Church (see HERE).

But, we often forget (and he does not remind us) of the things he wants us to airbrush out of our memories.

Spiritual amnesia is one of his most potent weapons and we need to guard against it.

Here are ten of the things that, I believe, he wants us to disregard and discard.....

1. That Our Lady is the Mother of Christ and has her heel on the head of the serpent.

2. The Ten Commandments - how often do you hear those quoted today?

3. The chastity of St Joseph, foster father to the Christ child

4. That our priests are 'Other Christs', born to a lifetime of sacrifice

5. We are still the one, true Church - and always will be

6. Fatima demands our attention and our prayers and penances

7. At Mass, bread and wine are changed into the actual Body and Blood of Christ

8. That the doctrines of HMC are set in stone and cannot be replaced by a false conscience

9. Sanctity of life

10. Power of the Rosary


  1. Great list, Richard. Sad thing is that a lot of Catholics today wouldn't even know this list, or even care. Some might even reject it.

  2. How true. Number 4 rings close to my heart.

    I love Priests and pray for their sanctification for they are under attack by the devil.

    Great list overall. Thanks.