Sunday, 6 October 2013

Archbishop Cranmer was ahead of the game

Not allowed in multi faith prayer rooms
I have been banging on for the last six months about Catholic schools making what I consider to be a profoundly wrong decision to provide prayer rooms for Muslim male pupils.

Now I have discovered that the Archbishop Cranmer blog had it covered and covered well, no less than five years ago.

That fact, alone, is humbling but add to it the little matter that Cranmer blog is, of course, a Church of England one, then you do begin to think, if the CoE can see the dangers, why can't the Catholic bishops?

I have also read, in various places, that there is a call for the Catholic bishops to make Multi faith rooms available in every school

Does, whichever bright spark who dreamt up this idea, believe for one minute that Muslim students are going to use a room just vacated by Jewish ones?

Or Hindus takeover after the Sikhs have had a go?

And what happens when the Wiccan students fancy a dance of the circular kind?

Of course, what really would upset the episcopal apple cart would be Catholic students demanding a Latin Mass - a wailing and gnashing of dentures all round I think.



  1. I read the Cranmer blog and the mostly nutjob comments below the post. However, one was particularly interesting.
    I suppose the craven EWB's are studying demographics where Catholic (in name) schools have a majority of Muslim pupils and thus have embraced a utilitarian position influenced, no doubt, by their frequent interfaith dialogues. .

  2. Genty, nutjobs is right, a sort of sockpuppet heaven.

  3. Indifferentism is a mockery of God and His Holy Church. It is pride before God.