Sunday, 20 October 2013

Yeti spotted in Rome!

Captured on film, the Yeti takes to
the woods after a Swiss Guard
shouted "Mennini" to scare him off

Firm proof that the Yeti (aka Bigfoot) exists and is thriving comes from Rome where reports indicate this prehistoric creature has been spotted in St Peter's and various Vatican offices during the daylight hours.

There are also night time sightings where the Yeti's towering, bulky figure has been seen flitting in and out of various soirees around the City, a glass of brown sherry clutched in his hairy paw.

This shy and retiring creature, sighted, in the past in the region of Bulinga Fen, has not been seen since 2005 and many scientists have speculated that it was extinct.

Rumours have it that it has been tempted out of the deep cover of Bulinga Fen by offerings of felt banners and voluminous dayglo polyester vestments.

Now it appears as if the Yeti is undergoing a revival with one famous evolutionist actually giving the creature the scientific name, Cormacus Solanum Oconnorii.

Some who have been ardent believers in the existence of the Yeti are hoping that zoologists will shortly be able to produce a basic Yeti speech structure so that one and all may, at last, be able to understand the strange waffling noises that emanate from the creature from time to time.

The Swiss Guard have been put on red alert and trained to deter the Yeti by shouting short phrases and words at it.

These include:


"Pope Emeritus"

Or, to really cause immense anguish, "Summorum Pontificum"

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