Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Scams and Linkedin

I am sorry that so many friends whose email addresses were lodged in my address book have now received invitations (from me apparently), to join Linkedin.

It was none of my doing.

Linkedin appear to have somehow accessed my address list and sent an invitation out to all.

I shall be cancelling my Linkedin entry tomorrow - meanwhile, my apologies for any angst this may have caused.


  1. I'm going to sulk now... I didn't get an invite... I feel neglected...

    (Ok, I'm only kidding... )

  2. Don't feel bad, I didn't get one either! I hope it does the same for me though, I could use some more exposure!

  3. The same happened to me. Despite my long-time suspicion of all social media (fishing schemes predicated on gossip and home-grown pornography), I suffered a lapse and believed what LinkedIn said about itself - a professional site for professional contacts. It is in fact nothing more than a MyFaceSpaceBook wearing a clean shirt, rather like a thug dressed by the lawyer for his trial.

    -Mack in Texas

  4. Richard,
    I'm humbly honoured that I got an invitation from you-I have had the same problem too!



  5. I did get an invite but it wasn't from you Richard, so I guess Linked*n is an equal-opportunity scammer...

  6. Mac and Kathy - talk about shooting myself in the foot, put it down to LinkedIn's erratic marketing.
    To all: The thing is, how to extricate oneself from LinkedIn....my challenge of the week.

  7. Mack - a good assessment of LinkedIn.

  8. This happened to me too. Very embarrassing.