Friday, 26 April 2013

Shaking the bucket...for abortions!

A £10 donation to Virgin Money Giving's anti life fund
will support the killing of lots more of these cell type things
some people call babies

Now who would wish to donate money to support organisations such as BPAS, the abortion service that specialises in killing infants in the womb (plus counselling, of course)?

It appears that, some people are willing to throw a bit of cash in that direction even though, BPAS is not apparently short of a pound or two.

A certain James Ball has got the bucket shaking for BPAS because, in his words, women are intimidated by the 40 Days for Life campaigners outside abortuaries.

Let me say this once more....women are intimi....OK, I know you got the message, it was my brain that was struggling to comprehend it.

I have been on a few 40 Day vigils in the past five years and I have never witnessed a woman being terrorised as she enters the 'clinic'.

What I have seen is a lot of women terrorised by those who support the murder of babies and by so called Young Thugs Socialists.
They are not above threatening men also and it grieves me to think that I have signed up to the vigil organiser's protocol that states that all aggro must be met with a smile and Christian charity.

I still believe that Christian charity should be dished out Don Camillo fashion.

But I am, of course, wrong.

A fixed smile hides rising blood pressure but I pray through it all (and for the thugs) and it passes off, like water on a duck's back.

Now, we live, allegedly, in a free country, and it is entirely up to the individual to donate, or not, to whichever charity they wish.

But BPAS is a business, you might just as well give cash to Barclays Bank or Marks and Spencers, I'm sure they would welcome it but the fact is, they don't need it.

And, in the case of BPAS, surely they don't deserve it.

Their CEO, Ann Furredi, naturally enough, welcomes the bung; in fact, such spontaneous generosity often leaves her in tears.

Here is what she says about Mr Ball's enterprise:

"I just want to say a really BIG thanks for your donation page. – and, of course to donors. The comments are just amazing. The whole thing has actually reduced some of us to reaching for tissues! I guess it’s a bit novel for people to be so spontaneously generous to us.  It sends a lovely message to all our staff. We are feeling the love!"

“We are feeling the love”……..aah, isn’t that just so very nice?

Much nicer than “We are feeling the scalpel”

Fundraising has now stopped but will, almost certainly start again when the next vigil commences.

When it does, some people might like to leave a message (a charitable one) on their Facebook page ‘Boycott the 40 Days for Life’

Thanks to GM for this nudge.


  1. These people have to be sociopathic to do what they do. They are incapable of love.

  2. Ann Furredi CEO sounds like a Valley Girl i.e. Idiot.

  3. A scalpel is rarely used in an abortion -unless there is uncontrollable uterine bleeding when a hysterectomy may be required. The usual villain is a suction curette or a metallic currete inserted via via the cervix.
    I was an operating theatre nurse in a previous life and when I was received into the Church my first confession included confessing my involvement with abortions although I did not assist I was in the theatre as my Catholic colleagues were exercising their conscience and I was conceited Evangelical protestant then.

  4. Gervase, yes, I do appreciate that suction is the normal method for removing babies from the womb, I used the word 'scalpel' in a poet licence sense as it sounds more comprehensible than curette. I thank God for our converts because, they are so often in the forefront of defending the Faith.