Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Look, you're Catholic, right?

And you're a member of the Royal Family, right?

Well then, you don't have to bring your children up in the Faith......

......that is really for the grubby little average Catholic parent to do.

And, if any of them fail in their duty - I'll be down on them like a ton of New Age Hymnals!

Times have changed......

H/T to OTSOTA @ The Guild of Blessed Titus Brandsma and Deacon Nick @
Protect the Pope

Picture: Wikipedia Commons


  1. To dissenting Bishops and priests, almost everything is more important than one's adherence to the Faith, entrusted to the Church by Christ - acceptance by the powerful enemies of the Faith is one of their top priorities

  2. Richard,
    You couldn't make it up-then again what can we expect from the majority of our apostate and rancid Bishops/Hierarchy!
    St. John Fisher Pray For us
    St. Thomas More Pray For Us
    All You Holy Martyrs Of England And Wales Pray For Us.