Saturday, 6 April 2013

A brief intermission but first......

.....a celebration of the Feast of St Mont de Pie-Thon.

A much loved saint adopted by Liberal Catholics everywhere and remembered, most fondly, for the 'Fish Dance' celebrated on 6th April each year in his honour.

I know that I regularly feature the following clip but I am most fond of it myself.

Followers of the dance may recognise a young Ed Stourton (right) partnered by (possibly) an equally youthful Father (now Monsignor) Atticus.

As I am (yet again) on the move I will not be able to post until Monday (cheers off stage left).


  1. A great post! Hope all is well. If you get a minute check out my latest post on St. Mary's Louth. A little bit of good news which is possibly 'right up your street' so to speak (brick by brick and all that).

  2. When St Mont passed on, they said, "He is not dead, just resting."

  3. AhhhhhhahahahaAhhhhhhhahahahaAhhhhhhh.....Full STOP.

  4. Thanks for the reminder of sillier you know The Goons? My favourite.

  5. That's funny. I've never seen that little clip. I have seen a bit of Monte Python but was never a devotee.

  6. STM......yes, I feel that we need a little silliness at present. The Goons were an essential part of my upbringing.
    Annie....I like 50% of the MP output. As far as The Life of Brian is concerned, I've never seen it and never will.