Friday, 12 April 2013

The West should bomb North Korea

Kim Jong Un may not need food but his
countrymen certainly do

No, not with High Explosives or nuclear warheads but with parcels of food and clothing  and simple leaflets proclaiming from whence they came and why.

The population of North Korea is in a dire state. Poverty, starvation and ignorance of the outside world are at the heart of their troubles coupled with a totalitarian system where son informs against father and daughter against mother.

Where executions are carried out routinely with the least cause and where gulag style prison camps proliferate, some being some 30 by 20 miles in size.

Small cities of misery, the fruit of communist ideology.

As Catholics we believe that, when faced with a foe, we should observe the following actions:-

….if thy enemy be hungry, give him to eat: if he thirst, give him to drink.
For, doing this thou shalt heap coals of fire upon his head.

Romans 12.20

What would be the consequences?

Kim Jong Un might press the red button, possibly. But then, he might do that anyway.

He seems to be a fairly psychotic sort of a bloke. Not the type of chap you could enjoy a pint of Rev James with down the pub for fear that he would run amok among the peanuts and porky scratchings.

But that initiative (the food drop, that is) might just be the start of the tipping point that could topple his evil regime.

How can the world stand by (especially in the light of the various conflicts we have become embroiled in over the past 20 years) and do nothing to aid the poor, afflicted North Koreans?

At least if we bombarded them with kindness no one could accuse us of sabre rattling.

And if the drop was made by an aid organisation rather than a specific country, the regime in North Korea might find it harder to respond violently.

Clothe the poor and feed the hungry: not a bad maxim under the circumstances and much, much cheaper than a nuclear warhead.


  1. Thanks for this wonderful Biblical reminder! A gentle word calms a beast! ♥♥♥

  2. Richard! That is brilliant! With your kind permission, I will pass this around (with attribution). Bomb 'em with food and love! VERY Catholic!

  3. Mack, you are most kind, please go ahead. Richard

    1. i agree with you if only we could my father was in raf ww2 holland had food dropped

  4. After my initial surprise at the title of this post, I have sufficiently recovered to say this is an excellent idea. I, like Mack, will also "share". Thank you for the best idea I've read in a long time on how to deal with the likes of North Korea. God bless! Joyce

  5. This is the first time I've visited your blog (saw it linked from another Catholic blog), and I'm happy to see such a wonderful idea on my first visit. I've re-posted to facebook, and I'll be visiting this blog again. Thanks for remembering to put true Christian charity first.

  6. I presume any plane that attempted to so do would be shot down.

  7. Lynda - not so. North Korea is small enough geographically for flights to cross the country quite rapidly. And, if we can send drones into Pakistan and Afghanistan, I am sure that something a little larger is possible.

  8. Thank you Mark. And thanks also Rob, you are most welcome.
    TLW, you are both kind and generous.

  9. It's aid from China that keeps NK going. Also remember that indiscriminate aid to Ethiopia in the 1980s prolonged the civil war which was the main cause of the famine. Western food drops would simply be requisitioned by the government.

    Kim Jong Un's million-strong army would be as much use as Saddam Hussein's was if he tried to take on the West - as his Chinese allies will no doubt have reminded him.

  10. What about the poor souls who get killed by the food drop or in the feeding frenzy?

  11. Dymphna - drops in rural areas or, over prison camps, would, I believe, be pretty safe.
    As for a feeding frenzy, even Red Cross lorries loaded with goods could not avoid that one. God bless.

  12. Hmmm... or maybe we should pray for the fall of the last communist regime in North Korea and Cino. Nobody expected the fall of the Iron Curtain and the demise of East Germany.

    Hopefully, the Lord of Eternity may mercifully throw us one of his surprises in the 21st Century :-)